I had to pull my head out of my butt and get on with it

When I first started sending emails years ago I was shy, reserved, and not sure what I was doing. Yet alone know what I was allowed to do - legally ! The emails were instructive and informative but were written the way I was taught to write at school. I even remember having one email checked over by a TAFE lecturer and she corrected the … [Read more...]

Here’s A Quick Way To Use An Autoresponder

Building customer interest and excitement is the first step in the Sales Cycle to successfully market your products and services. Autoresponders can play a vital role in building this interest and excitement. For instance… If you were to develop a new product or service, you may want to start telling your website visitors and opt-in subscribers … [Read more...]

It Is The Only Thing That Matters

With pens in their hand they were ready. 1/3 of the crowd pondered it, 1/3 of the crowd ignored it and 1/3 of the crowd got it. I was not disappointed. It was the result expected. This is what usually happens from my opening line in a recent keynote talk to a group of tradespeople last Saturday. I learned this from a master sales person and … [Read more...]

This Type Of Email Is Just So Wrong !

Some People Just Don't Get It ! I received an email today from a 'leading' internet guy which read how he knew me and wanted to touch base. I know of the guy and originally thought - "OK... What's up ?" But I soon discovered he was using an old email trick which is just dumb. Because... it can lead the recipient feeling duped. And in my … [Read more...]

“3 Things The Fat Man In The Red Suit Taught Me This Year”

With Christmas over for another year time now moves forward to the New Year. But before I move forward I reflect on Santa and what lessons he taught me. Maybe they mean something for you too? Lessson #1: Be Patient Sometimes I find being patient difficult to do, yet the lesson is well received. You see... Santa has to wait for all the kids to put … [Read more...]

Top Ten Tips To Help With Your Christmas Email Marketing

Christmas Emails arriving in inboxes are expected this time of the year and are as common as sighting a fairy sitting on top of a Christmas tree. And the beaut thing is... It is the norm. What this means is people are expecting to hear from you. Which is fantastic for the business person who understands email marketing. It doesn't matter how big or … [Read more...]

“Head down…Bum Up”

As the saying goes... "Head down...Bum Up" (I cleaned that up a bit.) How's your Christmas sales plans going ? Organised yet ? Know how to get your messages out there with success ? For me, I have busy talking, strategising, planning and writing emails over the past week for those fortunate enough to get hold of my Christmas Writing Email … [Read more...]

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