“Head down…Bum Up”

As the saying goes... "Head down...Bum Up" (I cleaned that up a bit.) How's your Christmas sales plans going ? Organised yet ? Know how to get your messages out there with success ? For me, I have busy talking, strategising, planning and writing emails over the past week for those fortunate enough to get hold of my Christmas Writing Email … [Read more...]

The Definitive Guide To Christmas Email Marketing

Did you know it is only one month next Tuesday until Christmas Day ? Gosh... But first... In Adelaide over 20 years ago there was a Breakfast Duo named Baz and Pilko. They were a couple of larrikins who used to get up to all sorts of pranks on listeners. They also did a stint on breakfast radio in Sydney and were famous for their prank which caused … [Read more...]

“Give Them More Than An Offer In Your Email Marketing…”

I have been working with two new clients on their email marketing since last week. One a start-up business and another an established business. The rules of email marketing are the same though. 1. Start with a List.... If you do not have a List - make, or start one immediately. 2. Build a Relationship with your List... Don't try to sell them … [Read more...]

“Victor Made $19,200 From One Email…Let Me Show You How”

Victor Little has been using email marketing in his business for 6 years. He tried emailing out to customers himself, with a little bit of success but nothing startling. In 2009 Victor and I met and he handed over the emailing to his clients to me. (Victor is a believer that you cannot do everything in your business and you need at times to … [Read more...]

“Just Because You Own An Encyclopaedia Doesn’t Make You Smart”

There's been a huge amount of 'newbies' hit my inbox recently. What I mean is... An awful lot of people are putting out e-books or courses and their credibility is questionable. For example... A particular chap I have heard of but never met (although a few of my close colleagues know him pretty well) released a program/course in a field he has … [Read more...]

It’s Been A While Chickadee…

Don't ya just love it when your life takes over and you drop some old routines for new ones... You know when you are so immersed into a project you didn't realise how long it took until you look at a calendar. Well... This happened to me recently. Let me explain... For around seven years I have been sending out weekly tips and techniques on how to … [Read more...]

Give Up or Give More…

What are you going to do if... For whatever reason business is not working out for you? You know what I mean... • Sales are down... • The phone is not ringing... • Your customers seemed to have deserted you... • You cannot seem to get anything right. Do you sit there feeling sorry for yourself or do you something about it ? Recently a friend of … [Read more...]

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