Email Marketing: Father’s Day – There’s Still Time For…

Hi Everyone A  couple of my clients have asked me today; "Is it worth sending out a Father's Day email this week?"And the simple answer is YES. There IS still time for a Father's Day Promotion. You see, you can easily blend a message with the theme of urgency Like: "48 Hour Father's Day Sale" "Father's Gift Ideas - Only Until They … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Father’s Day

Have You Remembered Father's Day ? Hi Everyone I don't mean remember your Father in particular (although it would be lovely to), I mean Father's Day. Let me explain... The latest retail statistics tell us poor ol' Dads have, on average, $10 less spent on them than Mothers on Mother's Day. $10 LESS ON DADS... SACRILEGE !!! So, to … [Read more...]

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