I Then Asked These Three Critical Sales Questions…

David looked at me bewildered. Nothing unusual I thought. It had happened many times before by others. He then said... "Can you go out on sales calls and teach them?" "Mind you." he then sheepishly uttered. "I know they don't want that." I looked at him in an almost apologetic glaze yet my expression soon changed to disbelief. I replied... … [Read more...]

Here’s Why You Should Keep Emailing…

One of the greatest fears I receive from clients is: "But What If They Don't Open My Emails ?" The reality is... They won't. Get over it ! People are busy. People don't care about you. People are too busy living their lives to stop and read every piece of material they come across in a day. But when you get it right and I mean the TIMING... Then … [Read more...]

It all started after I sent an email out last week.

Today I would like to take you on a journey. A real live email journey which happened last week. This is real. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. You will read every word of the emails. If you are not interested to discover how emails work simply... Click out now.  No skin of my knees if you do. But if you wish to see how … [Read more...]

The Solution To Struggling Sales

Closing the Sale is one of the hardest step in sales. Salespeople do not know When and How to ask for the order. The FACT is you don't have to possess a miraculous closing technique but... You do have to overcome buyer Objections. If the customer has objections they won't buy. But how do you discover what the objections are ? How do you get to what … [Read more...]

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