“How These 10 Simple Tips Will Get Your Emails Opened”

“How These 10 Simple Tips Will Get Your Emails Opened” or... “Announcing 10 Easy To Use Tricks To Make Your Subject Lines Pop.” In this edition of the free Email Express I am going to offer you a chance to improve your email OPEN rates. This will be done by improving your Email Subject Lines. But this will only happen if you connect with … [Read more...]

Announcing A New Weekend Web Content & Email Marketing Workshop

"Announcing A Training Weekend Where You Discover The Secrets Used By Google and Marketing Millionaires To Attract Hordes Of Website Visitors And Turn Them Into Long Standing Clients Forever." Held over two days, you can attend BOTH DAYS (at a very special rate) OR... attend only one day.  It is your call. But First... Over the years … [Read more...]

“1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers”

"1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers" Writing good 'copy' is essential in email marketing. It is a skill which can be learned, yet many people do not have the time and patience to master it. And if this is you then it's OK.  You do not have to spend years training to be the best copywriter, although it helps to learn a few tips and … [Read more...]

“…because it works; that’s why – Part #2”

"...because it works; that's why - Part #2" You were not aware there was going to be a Part #2 to yesterday's email did you ? To be truthful - neither did I at first. But then it dawned upon me that I should give you some more help, info and guidance about email marketing. And especially... Long emails or short emails. The best way to answer … [Read more...]

Which Headline Would You Click On?

My electronic newspaper came through today.  It is called AdelaideNow. It normally takes me a few minutes to scan  and decide if I wish to click on a headline to read the article. Today I chose one and only one. Which one would you choose ? Leave a comment below and mention why. Believe In Yourself … [Read more...]

“How To Make Valentine’s Day A Customer Favourite”

 "How To Make Valentine’s Day A Customer Favourite"with these 10 high-efficiency, laboratory-tested email marketing tips Hi  Valentine's Day is almost upon us and many people dread it. They get nervous, anxious and worry about what do or get their secret or favourite loved one. So to help you and your customers, here are ten high-efficiency, … [Read more...]

I Have Some Explaining To Do…

I have some explaining to do... My last article: “Email Subject Lines are not IMPORTANT” drew an enormous amount of response - positive and some negative. As I said in the article, “I will upset a few copywriters here.” Here is what one copywriter guy who got his knickers in a knot said. “Kurt, you can't assume that your experience is … [Read more...]

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