Email Marketing: How To Write Emails That Sell

Hi Everyone I do prescribe to writing marketing emails a set way. That is, I have discovered over the years staying true to a set formula is crucial to gaining maximum open rates and responses. One way which you should adopt is to write the email in the first person and as if you were writing to a friend. If you are looking at writing … [Read more...]

“Email Is Just A Tool”

Hi Everyone Yes, Email is just a tool. Email and the use of it should not be placed on such high grounds for it to be regarded as the be-all-and-end-all. Used correctly it is the most cost effective means to get your message out there. It can convey emotion by the words you use, it can reveal by the videos you include, it can even make … [Read more...]

“Do You Wish To Become A Trainer?”

Hi Everyone Becoming a Workplace Trainer is an exhilarating and rewarding career. You are highly respected and acknowledged in your industry by management, peers and workers. If you have considered obtaining your trainer's qualifications but haven't got around to doing something about it then here is a great opportunity for you to get … [Read more...]

“New Training Programs About To Start”

Visualize there is a group of people sitting at desks, eagerly taking notes, listening to every word being imparted from the train'er. The people are digesting and soaking up the information because it is being delivered in a systematic, organised manner by a professional presenter. And... That professional presenter is YOU. And it … [Read more...]


The trouble with many businesses isn't the products or services it is generally the way business owners, managers, supervisors lead their people and manage the tasks. Research by Kouzes and Posner over the past two decades have discovered four key elements as to what people want from their leaders. If  business owners, managers, supervisors … [Read more...]

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