How To Get More Clients in Your Business

Welcome to this business lesson on How to Get More Clients in Your Business. Many of my clients over the years wished to jump in and start advertising, which in itself is commendable but it….is Dangerous. Let me explain… All fishermen know that it takes different bait to capture different fish. And so it is in business. Different advertising … [Read more...]

“Are You Using An Autoresponder In Your Business?”

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. An autoresponder is software which contains your database or list of contacts and can be used to transmit emails automatically 24/7 and at a specific time you wish. There are many types of autoresponders. Some are free, whilst others … [Read more...]

They Do Have The Capacity To…

It's always a treat to receive an email from an old friend. You know the type... One which tells you about what they are doing. The funny thing is at times the email will contain details you may not wish to hear. Let me explain... I recently received an email and photo attachments from a friend I see now maybe once a year. At first it was … [Read more...]

Auto Responders: The Email Marketer’s Magic Weapon

Imagine this... Pauline (an avid baby clothes designer) visits your website.  You sell a book which helps improve her designing knowledge.  She's highly interested in what you have to offer, but she's just not ready to purchase yet.  She's still recovering from the school holidays and needs to pay off the credit card that she used extensively … [Read more...]

“5 Things To Hate About Marketing Seminars”

Have you been to a marketing seminar over the past few years? The ones where there are multiple speakers and they give you all the latest tricks and techniques which will make you money? You know... The seminars where they pump you full of 'back slapping', 'high fives', 'praise the lord' type rhetoric ! Yes they exist... … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Website Noticed By Google

Here is a very special podcast interview for you. It's about Content Marketing and how to get your website working and keeping Google happy at the same time. If you own a website, manage a website and especially if you are trying to sell from a website then this interview is a MUST. The interviewee is, Fiona Lewis CEO of the Ultimate Web … [Read more...]

How To Market To Customers And Businesses

Over many years I have been involved in creating email campaigns which target customers and businesses.  These are typically called B2C and B2B campaigns, respectively.    Whilst all campaigns are different essentially when you market to a customer and market to a business there is not very much difference at all. Let me explain... Businesses … [Read more...]

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