You Will Be More Effective If

One of the flaws of being a business owner is working too long and too hard in your business. You need at times to sit back and take a look at which direction to take. Often it is because you are not sure where to go for help. Yet, it is help we often need. In Dr Stephen Covey's world best-seller "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" he … [Read more...]

A Special Offer To Work With Me One-On-One Is Now Open

Read Carefully: A Special Offer To Work With Me One-On-One Is Now Open Hurry - Offer Ends Midnight Monday 11th April Over the past five years I have worked with many businesses in many industries driving millions of dollars into their collective inboxes. The results have made me the GO-TO-GUY when it comes to Email Marketing. Whether they were … [Read more...]

It Started With A Kiss…

Do you remember the "Old Chocolate" song:It Started With A Kiss." ? A classic, isn't it. As I am writing this email I can feel myself humming the words. Ahhh.. it brings back fond memories of the discos in the seventies.(I know I am old !) But I digress. Today, I'd like to tell you a little story.   It's a story about passion.  (chuckle) I … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: “More Marketing Secrets Of Paris Revealed”

"More Marketing Secrets Of  Paris Revealed" Paris reveals another secret for those who take time to learn One of the stunning charms of the City of Paris is its ease to traverse. The City, often described as being shaped like a snail shell,  is broken  into 20 districts or arrondissements.  The first arrondissement is at the center of … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How Long Should A Sales Letter Be?

In sales letters and email marketing we talk about them being "too boring" not "too long". I remember telling a story once in an email which spoke about: Never Give Up on Your Dream; Show Gratitude For What You Have and Praise and Celebrate Your Successes With Others. This email when printed was five pages long and contained over 2000 … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: “What Program Should I Use?”

The most common question I am asked by new people wanting to get into email marketing is "What program should I use?" I can see this can be very daunting at first.  And it can be confusing. For many years I tried different programs and even recommended a couple. But if you are serious about email marketing then I believe you need to suck … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: 10 Top Tips For Email Success Are…

Hi As you are enjoying your  long-weekend break in Australia, I thought I would give you an article on email marketing you can contemplate over wherever you are relaxing. You could say it's your long-weekend homework but gosh I wouldn't do that to you, would I ? Let's say it's a long-weekend learning experience for you. So here you … [Read more...]

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