An Update On Ralph

In January I wrote you a story about Ralph my hairdresser. The subject line was: “Don’t Make This Mistake In Your Business Ralph Made.” It was about Ralph not having any contact details of his clients and the catastrophic event which he found himself in. To recollect, this is what happened to Ralph. “Mate I am in a mess.”  He immediately … [Read more...]

“One Email = $5,520”

Just now I am sitting at my desk creating emails for customers and the phone starts ringing. I could see it was from one my best clients in Melbourne.  I call him a client but reality is over the years he has also become a very good friend.  (This happens when you work closely with people.)  So I answered it.  This is what I do for clients.  I … [Read more...]

How To Make Christmas Sales Work

I was taken by surprise last weekend. You see I had no idea it was getting so close to Christmas until... I saw Santa Claus arrive on his sleigh during the Annual Christmas Pageant here in Adelaide. I have fond memories taking the boys along to see the Pageant. With its variety of floats and clowns and marching bands which heralds the arrival … [Read more...]

“He Made $1,368,000 In Sales With Two Emails.”

"He Made $1,368,000 In Sales With Two Emails." A select group of smart, savvy business owners out source their email marketing to me so they can get along with working on their business. These people know what they wish to write but engage me to produce the copy, load up into an autoresponder and send for them. It's a DONE FOR YOU SERVICE. It … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How Long Should A Sales Letter Be?

In sales letters and email marketing we talk about them being "too boring" not "too long". I remember telling a story once in an email which spoke about: Never Give Up on Your Dream; Show Gratitude For What You Have and Praise and Celebrate Your Successes With Others. This email when printed was five pages long and contained over 2000 … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: The Most Asked Question Is…

The most asked question I receive from my clients is: "What Do I Write In My Emails?" They get confused and anxious and some do nothing. So let me add to the Email Planner and Email Step Diagram I sent you in the last couple of weeks and give you your next tip to writing money-making, dollar driving emails. To overcome the difficulty of … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: If Your Marketing Is Not Working…

Hi If your marketing is not working then change the words. Believe in Yourself Kurt … [Read more...]

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