Have You Heard This Saying Before ?

Have you heard the saying "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words". It was a crucial piece of marketing advice years ago yet in recent times I am failing to notice it happening. Let me explain... I deal in a market where trades people seek to gain their license. (In South Australia, where I live, a tradesperson must undertake business studies … [Read more...]

When Do You Stop Sending Emails ?

Seems to be with each post I make I get another enquiry about email marketing. Which I love. The latest contact came from Gabriela who lives in Brazil. Yes... Brazil.  (I have always wanted to go there !) Now Gabriela asked me, "What I do to turn a Prospect into a Customer ?" By definition a Prospect is someone who is 'Interested' in your product … [Read more...]

Offer Your Customers Something Special On Valentine’s Day

People are more likely to buy from you if you offer them something special or add value to the sale. Now don't get me wrong... I am not talking about discounting... I am talking about ADDING a bonus item which is perceived of value to them yet... Can be obtained economically by you. Years ago when I sold Animation Art I would offer a 'free … [Read more...]

What Are You Doing For Your Customers For Valentine’s Day ?

February 14th is soon. Valentine's Day sales are expected to reach the highest level for a decade. With record low fuel prices and strong recent Christmas and January sales the trend is expected to continue. So what are you doing for your customers for Valentine's Day ? Need a hand ? Valentine's Day Email Campaigns are a must. Here is a way I can … [Read more...]

The Second Most Asked Email Question I Get Is…

I just love getting replies to my emails from people wanting a little more. 65% of people ask 'How Often ?' should I send emails. I answered this in a previous email this week. Here's a link where I placed it on my Blog in case you missed it. “How Often Should I Email My Clients ?” The next most popular question is... Drum roll please. "When Should … [Read more...]

“How Often Should I Email My Clients ?”

This is the single most asked question I receive from people. Before I answer the particular question I ask them one back. And that is... "When was the last time you looked at your list and why people are on there ?" You see, it is not about how many times you email your clients it is about what you have to say to them. To segment your customer … [Read more...]

“50% Off Sale in the Email Marketing Aladdin’s Cave Sale”

Get this... A whopping 50% off sale ! Everywhere you look for the past week you see a 50% off sale. Doesn't matter if you are looking at clothes, jewellery or kitchen items there is somebody offering a greatly reduced sale. It becomes deliciously tempting - especially if you need the goods. So I thought I would do the same - offer you a deliciously … [Read more...]

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