“It’s Like Joining The Jam Session With The Band After The Concert”

Every now again in your life you are given an opportunity. An opportunity which IF TAKEN can mean more to you than you would have originally ever expected. Let me explain by telling you a quick story. Around 9 years ago I joined a Business Group. It cost $12,000 for the year to be a member. The Group met four weekends a year in different … [Read more...]

“Why I Travelled 7,467 Klms With A Pulled Hamstring Just To Be There “

My week had been amazing. I'd just finished conducting a two-day email marketing seminar for 17 followers on the Isle of Bali. Their eagerness to absorb was infectious. Their skill levels increased. Now it was time to play. First I ventured into the ravines of Bali's river systems to secure a safe passage through their renowned stunningly vicious … [Read more...]

“Only One Spot In Brisbane Available. Will It Be You…”

Hi I'm coming to Brisbane, Wednesday 5th November to attend Brett Thompson and Lynica Cruz' 6th November event: Sales Funnel Implementation Workshop - where you can create your automated Lead and Sales Funnel in a day. I am arriving around mid-day on the 5th and I am opening up one-spot and one-spot only for an Email Mastermind Breakthrough Session … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Can I give you $4,221.00 worth of products ?

Hi Everyone Can I give you $4,221.00 worth of products ? Let me explain... My 12 month email marketing coaching program is now open but for 72 hours only. It's my End Of Year Financial Sale. It's going to include paid up products and services which are normally purchased by my clients. But I am going to include these for you FREE … [Read more...]

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