“Don’t Let Apathy And Arrogance Be Two”

Very few businesses understand how important it is to simply communicate with their customers more.  You never know when someone is ready to buy or just seeking knowledge for when they are ready. If you appear to know more, they are more likely to turn to you when they wish to buy. Email allows you a cost effective vehicle to contact your … [Read more...]

All 950 Put Their Hand Up

 All 950 Put Their Hand Up Obtaining a new customer is a very small part of selling. You may increase your bank balance momentarily but it will not give you long term success. You need to have strategies in place to introduce new products and services to your customers. Which brings me to an intriguing web contact I received Tuesday 4th. It … [Read more...]

“How To Help Them Decide What To Buy For Valentine’s Day … In Less Than A Minute”

Valentine's Day is here tomorrow. It's the single biggest spending day until Mother's Day. You will have customers thinking what to buy for the glorious person in their life. They will be confused, anxious, nervous or even have forgotten. Here is how you can help. Send them an email listing a product or service which you know will 'knock … [Read more...]

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