“3 Ways To Handle Price Shoppers”

"People Wish To Do Business With An Optimist" Stay bright, stay bubbly, stay welcoming. Attract people - this should be your goal. Your goal should also be to make more sales in 2018. So let me give you a few sales pointers to kickstart your year. Firstly, to be more of a success you need to build yourself stronger. School is never out for the … [Read more...]

Bob was left gobsmacked. He didn’t know what to say next.

It was with these very words, "Mate, I just can't do it !" that Bob was stuck in a trap. Bob is a good friend of mine.  He works for a company selling tiles. Tiles are a competitive game to say the least. You have plumbers, tilers, flooring guys and home-handy people all wanting specific varieties. The number of retailers across Australia is … [Read more...]

The one simple truth about selling… Learn this and you will join the Elite !

A common question I always ask people when they are 'out on their own' is... "Where do you find your prospects?" Most talk about how tough a slog it is out there. Finding new prospects is getting tougher everyday. I then ask, "Once you find them how is your closing rate?" You know, "How many prospects become customers?" Now this is where it … [Read more...]

Here’s Why You Should Keep Emailing…

One of the greatest fears I receive from clients is: "But What If They Don't Open My Emails ?" The reality is... They won't. Get over it ! People are busy. People don't care about you. People are too busy living their lives to stop and read every piece of material they come across in a day. But when you get it right and I mean the TIMING... Then … [Read more...]

It all started after I sent an email out last week.

Today I would like to take you on a journey. A real live email journey which happened last week. This is real. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. You will read every word of the emails. If you are not interested to discover how emails work simply... Click out now.  No skin of my knees if you do. But if you wish to see how … [Read more...]

The Solution To Struggling Sales

Closing the Sale is one of the hardest step in sales. Salespeople do not know When and How to ask for the order. The FACT is you don't have to possess a miraculous closing technique but... You do have to overcome buyer Objections. If the customer has objections they won't buy. But how do you discover what the objections are ? How do you get to what … [Read more...]

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