“3 Ways To Handle Price Shoppers”

"People Wish To Do Business With An Optimist" Stay bright, stay bubbly, stay welcoming. Attract people - this should be your goal. Your goal should also be to make more sales in 2018. So let me give you a few sales pointers to kickstart your year. Firstly, to be more of a success you need to build yourself stronger. School is never out for the … [Read more...]

Bob was left gobsmacked. He didn’t know what to say next.

It was with these very words, "Mate, I just can't do it !" that Bob was stuck in a trap. Bob is a good friend of mine.  He works for a company selling tiles. Tiles are a competitive game to say the least. You have plumbers, tilers, flooring guys and home-handy people all wanting specific varieties. The number of retailers across Australia is … [Read more...]

The one simple truth about selling… Learn this and you will join the Elite !

A common question I always ask people when they are 'out on their own' is... "Where do you find your prospects?" Most talk about how tough a slog it is out there. Finding new prospects is getting tougher everyday. I then ask, "Once you find them how is your closing rate?" You know, "How many prospects become customers?" Now this is where it … [Read more...]

It Is The Only Thing That Matters

With pens in their hand they were ready. 1/3 of the crowd pondered it, 1/3 of the crowd ignored it and 1/3 of the crowd got it. I was not disappointed. It was the result expected. This is what usually happens from my opening line in a recent keynote talk to a group of tradespeople last Saturday. I learned this from a master sales person and … [Read more...]

Here’s Why You Should Keep Emailing…

One of the greatest fears I receive from clients is: "But What If They Don't Open My Emails ?" The reality is... They won't. Get over it ! People are busy. People don't care about you. People are too busy living their lives to stop and read every piece of material they come across in a day. But when you get it right and I mean the TIMING... Then … [Read more...]


Have you been hired as a salesperson or a business development person in the past 10 years? Then here is the full, uncensored story of how you can avoid those lost $1000 - $10,000 sales — avoid losing your $300 - $600 commission and bonuses — and still get the perfect, customer relationship you've dreamed about! How many times this year have … [Read more...]

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