“3 Ways To Handle Price Shoppers”

"People Wish To Do Business With An Optimist" Stay bright, stay bubbly, stay welcoming. Attract people - this should be your goal. Your goal should also be to make more sales in 2018. So let me give you a few sales pointers to kickstart your year. Firstly, to be more of a success you need to build yourself stronger. School is never out for the … [Read more...]

You Will Be More Effective If

One of the flaws of being a business owner is working too long and too hard in your business. You need at times to sit back and take a look at which direction to take. Often it is because you are not sure where to go for help. Yet, it is help we often need. In Dr Stephen Covey's world best-seller "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" he … [Read more...]

Bob was left gobsmacked. He didn’t know what to say next.

It was with these very words, "Mate, I just can't do it !" that Bob was stuck in a trap. Bob is a good friend of mine.  He works for a company selling tiles. Tiles are a competitive game to say the least. You have plumbers, tilers, flooring guys and home-handy people all wanting specific varieties. The number of retailers across Australia is … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: My Birthday Present To You

Email Marketing has everything to do with the list you are sending to. It really is the number one priority. It's part of marketing 101 - having a list of loyal followers. People who know you, who will follow you and appreciate you. I have been approached many times by people asking me to help their busines grow by seeking new clients … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How To Plan A Series Of Emails

Hi and Welcome to 2012. I have purposely refrained from posting about looking back at 2011 and writing down what worked, what didn't, and then to start writing what your goals for 2012 will be. I mean to say all that is good but the reality is only around 2% of people actually do it. That leaves a massive 98% of people NOT doing … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How I Made My Wife Cry

Hi "How I Made My Wife Cry" But first... Life's a funny game at times, isn't it? You strive to do your best. You attempt every imaginable trick to gain knowledge, wisdom and success. But sometimes it just alludes you. You think, "Is it me?" "Am I doing something wrong?" "Why is the world doing this to me?" You ponder, "I am … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: I can teach you to write emails that sell

Hi One of the great achievements in the last 25 years is the creation of EMAIL. It's been used, abused,  buried, slowly killed off but still very much exists. A recent report showed over 50% of people have fessed up they will read their emails whilst on holidays in the coming weeks. Why do you think this is so? Most likely because it … [Read more...]

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