Email Marketing – Who Receives Your Emails?

Hi Everyone Who Receives Your Email ? The topics going around the email marketing world at the moment are about Segmentation and Relevancy. In simple terms this means: "Who Are You Sending Your Emails To?' and... "Do They Care?" Now, before you go all, "What's this got to do with me !" Let me explain some important facts … [Read more...]

“Cold Call Selling – Does It Work???”

Hi Everyone "Cold Call Selling - Does It Work???" For years sales people have been told to keep cold calling, eventually someone will buy. I even remember an old sales video which, I used in my early training days which pronounced: "If you make a $100 sale from every 20 calls treat it as making $5 per call.  Don't worry about making … [Read more...]

“Announcing A HR Manual Which Has All The Answers At Your Fingertips”

Revealing the easy, problem free, ready reckoner of policy and procedures for your business. Hi Discover the fast and new way to create policy and procedures for your business. According to Ingrid Cliff at Heart Harmony, businesses struggle to write and maintain HR policies and procedures. Her company specializes in HR and I think her HR … [Read more...]

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