Thank you so much for all your help.

Hi Kurt Thank you so much for all your help. Those simple 7 steps has changed the way I use my mail. Thanks again Mohamed Ibrahim - Adelaide     … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: How To Write Emails That Sell

Hi Everyone I do prescribe to writing marketing emails a set way. That is, I have discovered over the years staying true to a set formula is crucial to gaining maximum open rates and responses. One way which you should adopt is to write the email in the first person and as if you were writing to a friend. If you are looking at writing … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Free Recording On How To Make Money With Emails

Hi Everyone During the week I was fortunate to be interviewed by Krishna Everson on my "7 Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Opened, Read and Acted Upon." The interview is full of my 7 proven strategies and pure gold tips and techniques to make more money in your business using email. It's simple and easy and here at your … [Read more...]

lot of things wrong in my email campaigns

Here's what one of our very good clients says about me: Below the video are some comments about my book. Sam Raslan - Restaurant Owner - Adelaide South Australia My e-book, " Killer Tips To Get Your Emails Read" has been downloaded across Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and South America. You can get it sent direct to your … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: You Can Play With The Big Guys

How Would You Like To Make More Sales By Copying? Hi Everyone Every so often seasonal events allow us to check out what the big players are marketing and to copy them. This copying is generally called 'piggyback marketing' and there is something happening in around 6 weeks time you can make sales from. It's the  'The End Of The … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Use of Video In…

Hi Everyone I am a fan, an advocate, a strong believer we should be using video in our email marketing campaigns. The correct use of video is important though. Here's a testimonial I DID for Pam and Steve Brossman's Fast Video Result Program.  At the moment the program is closed but... Soon it will be relaunched with bigger, … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – Position #2

Hi Everyone Somebody called me today and asked, "What do I know about Email Marketing". I said, "Just a TAD."  "What do you need?" They asked if I could provide any evidence.  The usual testimonials came to mind and then I thought.  Maybe  a picture would help. It worked. Cheers and Great Selling Kurt … [Read more...]

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