“Victor Made $19,200 From One Email…Let Me Show You How”

Victor Little has been using email marketing in his business for 6 years. He tried emailing out to customers himself, with a little bit of success but nothing startling. In 2009 Victor and I met and he handed over the emailing to his clients to me. (Victor is a believer that you cannot do everything in your business and you need at times to … [Read more...]

“How These 10 Simple Tips Will Get Your Emails Opened”

“How These 10 Simple Tips Will Get Your Emails Opened” or... “Announcing 10 Easy To Use Tricks To Make Your Subject Lines Pop.” In this edition of the free Email Express I am going to offer you a chance to improve your email OPEN rates. This will be done by improving your Email Subject Lines. But this will only happen if you connect with … [Read more...]

“How To Make Sure Your Christmas Emails Are Winners”

Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy putting together Christmas campaigns for clients and today realised Christmas is approaching faster than my son's new puppy devours her doggie biscuits. And did you know… The majority of your customers need help to buy presents. Sure; some may have already done their Christmas … [Read more...]

“You Do Not Have To Create Something New”

I had client who told me it is hard to keep coming up with new ideas and subjects to contact their clients about. It is a common problem with business owners, that is, working ‘in’ their business and not working ‘on’ their business. Well now there is a way to do both. "At Last ! A Book Showing You How To Use Email Marketing To Drive More Cash … [Read more...]

Time And Number Sensitive Offer

I just received an email from one of my former clients whomwanted to grab one of my 5 x 5 x 5.5 email deals.You know the one where I help 5 businesses create 5 emails for $550.I did a Christmas Promotion about it a couple of weeks ago andit sold out.Well, it seemed they could not use it for Christmas so they let the offer lapse.But...Now they have … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Copywriting Secrets Of Million Dollar Marketers Revealed

Wow ! I've been away from the public in the last couple of weeks. It's not because I have become a hermit. Oh NO ! It has been because I have been meeting email marketing deadlines, working my butt off driving sales for my clients. It's been hectic and frantic and I'm having a lot of fun. For instance one of my new clients had a … [Read more...]

Email Marketing: Three Secrets Of Paris Revealed

"Three Marketing Secrets Of  Paris Revealed" Paris reveals its secrets for those who take time to learn Paris is indeed romantic and inspirational for those who have been privy to its beauty. But is far more than a magnetic city... It... Personifies marketing brilliance and in this post I reveal to you three of its best performing … [Read more...]

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