Do You Send Emails To Your Customers ?

Do You Send Emails To Your Customers ? Did you know most businesses send emails but they only send: Welcome; Thank you; and Transactional emails. This means: Most business people are missing out informing their customers of other products or services they have. I can understand why business owners do not send relationship or informative … [Read more...]

“It’s Like Joining The Jam Session With The Band After The Concert”

Every now again in your life you are given an opportunity. An opportunity which IF TAKEN can mean more to you than you would have originally ever expected. Let me explain by telling you a quick story. Around 9 years ago I joined a Business Group. It cost $12,000 for the year to be a member. The Group met four weekends a year in different … [Read more...]

The one simple truth about selling… Learn this and you will join the Elite !

A common question I always ask people when they are 'out on their own' is... "Where do you find your prospects?" Most talk about how tough a slog it is out there. Finding new prospects is getting tougher everyday. I then ask, "Once you find them how is your closing rate?" You know, "How many prospects become customers?" Now this is where it … [Read more...]

How To Stay In Touch With Website Visitors

Another great use of your autoresponder program is to create a 'signup box' to place on your website. The signup box captures names and email addresses and directly adds them into the autoresponder so you can send out a series of pre-programmed emails. Imagine this… You have a great article, promotion, e-book or a savings coupon which you would … [Read more...]

“How These 10 Simple Tips Will Get Your Emails Opened”

“How These 10 Simple Tips Will Get Your Emails Opened” or... “Announcing 10 Easy To Use Tricks To Make Your Subject Lines Pop.” In this edition of the free Email Express I am going to offer you a chance to improve your email OPEN rates. This will be done by improving your Email Subject Lines. But this will only happen if you connect with … [Read more...]

“1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers”

"1 Quick Tip For Email Marketers" Writing good 'copy' is essential in email marketing. It is a skill which can be learned, yet many people do not have the time and patience to master it. And if this is you then it's OK.  You do not have to spend years training to be the best copywriter, although it helps to learn a few tips and … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Copy Tone Deaf ?

I had fun this week looking at website copy for people who responded to last week’s email.   This was where I offered to have a 30 minute telephone call to six email recipients about their sites and marketing plans. What I discovered on all but one website was their copy was NOT conversational by ‘tone’. I asked these questions amongst many … [Read more...]

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