Gary Halbert Reveals 10 Rules To Keep You Safe From Being Robbed, Incarcerated Or Swamped With Emotional And Financial Trauma Of Litigation.

After years of being heralded as one the most successful direct marketers the world has ever seen Gary Halbert fell afoul of the Postal Authorities (twice) and found himself serving eighteen months in Boron Prison, California. 

Here are Gary Halbert’s 10 Rules to prevent you from having the same fate.

But he saves his most valuable lessons in the PS’s.

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Believe In Yourself


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  1. I agree Mel a sad loss. How wonderful though his legacy remains through ‘The Boron Letters” and other marketing pieces graciously being shared by his sons Bond and Kevin.

  2. Hi Kurt,

    Loved all 10 of Gary’s rules – particularly “Don’t trust your life to a lawyer.” My partner is a lawyer so it was a laugh out loud moment for me!
    Gary’s death was a loss to all in the marketing world, he had such an engaging humorous, and unique way of putting things.

    P.S…’Goat Glands Gary’ is the coolest nickname!

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